Ge'an and Xue Xiqiang join hands to create a new journey

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Foshan Ge'an Technology Co., Ltd. and Shijiazhuang Xuexi Security Equipment Co., Ltd. join forces to create a new journey


   Ge'an's impression of the public is the reputation of quality assurance and stable performance. In recent years, as major manufacturers have entered the northern market, Ge'an Technology is also optimistic about this general trend. Ge'an not only made great efforts in researching and developing intelligent building intercoms, but also made great achievements in opening up the domestic market.

    1. Since 2012, the domestic market of Ge'an Technology has expanded rapidly.

    Since 2012, the domestic northern market has been gradually developed. Not only has it established a unique sales channel, it has achieved store coverage, and it has invested heavily in advertising. Through the research on the target market and the analysis of the target consumer groups, we have developed competitive products that conform to the local market, and have since steadily stabilized the road to the northern market. This made Ge'an achieve remarkable results in 2013, not only covering the whole country, but also achieving breakthrough sales in the northern market.

    Second, the expansion of the Ge'an brand

    Ge'an's fiber-optic networking model, which was launched this year, has created a level that the industry has failed to achieve. Fiber-optic networking has achieved excellent market attention at the time with its most stable networking design in the leading industry. According to industry, the breakthrough of Ge'an Technology in the intercommunication of connected buildings represents the international standard of R&D strength of domestic building intercom. In the building intercom market where major brands occupy the majority of the market share, Ge'an Technology has successfully gained recognition from the public as a Chinese building intercom brand, and it is also a testament to the continuous improvement of the R&D capability of building intercom in recent years.

    Third, the prospect of expansion in the northern market is very optimistic

    Ge'an Technology and Xuexi Security are working together to create a safe and secure building intercom brand for Ge'an, providing people in the country with the right intercom terminal equipment and services in the right way. Branding is a long-term and arduous process, and it is also the process of transforming Foshan building intercom to China's big brands. Regardless of the dealers or retailers, the trust and confidence in the Ge'an brand are constantly growing, and the sales volume of the Ge'an building intercom is also climbing. In the process of branding, Xuexi Security also lost the opportunity to vigorously explore the Hebei market. I believe that in the near future, Ge'an and Xuexi Security will definitely have a place in the Hebei market.


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